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Private Property Impounds

Click Here for a copy of our
Private Property Impound Authorization Form

Howard Sommers Towing is the industry expert at assisting property owners, management and security companies in setting up a private property impound program. As part of this program we supply legal NO PARKING signs (right) at no charge.  If you would like assistance or more information on setting up your private property impound program, please call 818-884-5600 or email

Before you engage any towing service to remove vehicles from your private property, you should know that you could be held legally and civilly liable should the impound process not be conducted properly. We suggest you thoroughly investigate the towing firm you engage as your representative. Remember, the owner of the vehicle you have towed away may be your neighbor, or a potential customer, depending on the type of property you have.

Howard Sommers Towing is the Official Police Garage for the Los Angeles Police Department, West Valley Division, Topanga Division and the only towing service in the West Valley representing all of the local law enforcement agencies for light and heavy duty towing. We have an impeccable record going back over forty years. Come on into our office and let us show you around and introduce you to our staff. We are here to help you.

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